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Several elementary schools in Helsinki have tested and bought Keyphants, the older model of keyboard divider. In the following there are some teachers' comments.

"We tested Keyphants in our elementary school on class eight. On this lever pupils have already learned how to use all ten fingers on writing but even though they found it a great help that will be a great help during any phase of learning.

  • In the very beginning
  • You can leave Keyphant of temporarily and then
  • Use Keyphant once repeating writing studies

We assembled Keyphants ourselves and we found out that they are easy to put together. Of course you should have one readily assembled example for pupils so that they see how it should look like."

Paula Suolanen, teacher of Puistola upper level comprehensive school in Helsinki.

"Keyphant is easy to install on different kind of keyboards. Keyphants were taken off after each usage. The installation and displacing was done faster than the computer starts up and shuts down; even pupils were able to do it after short practising.

In classes where they were already using two hands and from four to ten fingers on writing the advantage of using Keyphant was limited. But for beginners it gave a great help on learning the right way of writing. Surprisingly even those who only watch someone using Keyphant are more careful on ten-finger writing"

Ville Teittinen, teacher of Käpylä elementary school in Helsinki.